What is Bluehost Pro Hosting???? Bluehost Pro Package ? SSL Certificate
Bluehost Pro Hosting+SSL Certificate

What is Bluehost Pro Hosting???? Bluehost Pro Package? SSL Certificate

What is Bluehost Pro Hosting????

If you’re a web-based professional, let it’s an internet designer, blogger, internet marketer or webmaster, you’re much conversant in the name Bluehost. For quite a decade, Bluehost has been serving such web specialists to host their websites or blogs as a relatively easy process, which is intuitive even for newbies of field. it’s worth noting that shared network hosting service offered by Bluehost is far famous than others, as the most maximum of the newbies prefer given hosting to other kinds of web hosting. allow us to introduce you to their Bluehost Pro hosting plan.

Bluehost Pro Hosting

Unlike most providers, Bluehost doesn’t offer multiple shared hosting plans for its customers. On the opposite hand, you’ll need to choose either standard or pro plan of Bluehost shared hosting. A notable majority seems to possess this confusion, which is why we decided to try to do a comparison between standard & pro plans offered by Bluehost hosting services.

An Intro on Bluehost Pro Package
Before we tell you about the Bluehost Pro hosting plan, we’ll offer you brief information about the standard plan of Bluehost shared hosting. The basic plan of Bluehost shared web hosting offers impressive features for each user. as an example, while you buy shared hosting from Bluehost by paying $3.49 per month with our Bluehost coupon, you’ll get a free domain.

Bluehost Pro Package Features
Some of such features offered by the Bluehost Pro Package are as follows.

Automatic data backup;
Anytime support from the expert technical team on Bluehost;
Free offers worth $200;
Unlimited money-back guarantee;
Unlimited email accounts;
Top-notch server performance
However, as time progresses, you would possibly need enhanced server performance to maneuver on together with your website. In many cases, you’ll not be confident to get a Virtual Private Server thanks to a lack of experience in managing VPSs or any quite other reasons. In such circumstances, however, the Pro plan of Bluehost shared hosting seems to be optimum, as you are doing not need to ponder over processes of managing VPS but are going to be ready to increase server performance using an upgrade. While the quality plan is out there for $3.49 per month, you’ve got to pay $19.99 once you want to possess a professional upgrade. Now, we’ll see the main differences in the professional plan in comparison to a plain one.

Additional Features of Bluehost Pro Hosting Plan
Dedicated IP Address

When you host your website on shared web servers, there’ll be multiple websites on one IP address, which could cause some issues with SEO and ranking. However, after you have upgraded to pro plan, you’ll get an ardent IP address, which can further be advantageous in several situations. a number of the notable advantages of getting an infatuated IP address are as follows.

You will be ready to access your website by entering the particular IP address. So, albeit domains have some issues, you’ll be able to access the location. During name issues, you’ll use some FTP clients for managing your server.
When you are employing a dedicated IP, you’ll be able to have a decent website loading speed, because the IP address isn’t shared with others.
You will be ready to install SSL Certificates on your site.
SEO Experts always prefer an infatuated IP address to shared ones.
SSL Certificate
Do you have a membership-based website or an internet site that retrieves tip from users, there’ll be a requirement of an SSL Certificate. once you get to the ‘Pro’ mode, ready to “> you’ll have a free SSL certificate and you’ll be able to use that certificate on your website for multiple purposes. you’ll use an SSL certificate for various varieties of purposes. a number of such are as follows.

SSL Certificates assist you to gain the trust of your customers, if you accept a tip, like payment details, from your readers or customers.
By installing an SSL Certificate, you’ll be ready to rescue your site from phishing attacks.
Advanced Server Performance (5x times)
There is a fact we should always realize shared hosting. Since it’s ‘shared’, all of your resources would be consumed by a variety of users. this suggests you’ve got a limit in server speed, though plans are ‘unlimited’ in words. While we are comparing the expert version including the official complement of Bluehost gave hosting, the number of users is far lower in former (maybe because newbies prefer the quality mode itself thanks to its satisfactory behavior). this suggests that the supply of server resources is far higher when it involves the case of a professional version of Bluehost.

Although you would possibly be experiencing an honest site loading speed already, the increased loading speed of the location will have an honest effect within the program ranking section. Of course, it’ll be very useful.

Apart from these, the professional version of Bluehost hosting also offers some features like regular site backup, anti-spam-powered email accounts, domain privacy, etc.

  • Bottom Line
  • When comparing both the Bluehost Pro hosting and therefore the Bluehost shared hosting, it becomes quite clear that the Bluehost upgrade is worth your money. this may provide you with the web site speed and enhanced power by paying a touch more. Although this Bluehost Pro hosting plan may be a part of shared hosting, we discover nothing wrong in addressing it using ‘a VPS alternative

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