Google Webmaster Tools Advance Discussion In English

Google Webmaster Tools Advance Discussion In English

It’s Google’s product to help you find websites in search engines. This is a very good quality tool. The blog site or web site is indexed by Google. Many again do not understand the meaning of the index. An index is the post of your website that anyone can find when searching. For that, Google is indexed through Webmaster Tools.

Benefits of Google Webmaster Tools? : Google Webmaster Another name is Google Search Console. The role of Google Webmaster is very important. It identifies the number of website visitors and what they have done on the website. The biggest benefit is –It is easy to know if there are any bad aspects to your web site. It is known whether your website is infected with any kind of error or any kind of malware. And you can remove it after you know it. If you do not remove your website will not rank.

How to index with Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools? : First, you will search Google by typing Google search console. In fact, Google login to pick up a web search console or webmaster there. You will then be able to add your domain by clicking on the added property on the left side. Then on the left side, you will see the site map writing. Click here and write sitemap.xml and if you give the site map successes writing will be done. Hare


Google Webmaster Tools has its options –

  1. Overview:- This lets you know how many visitors are coming to your website. You will find out how many impressions and clicks your website has received. You can find out where the impressions and clicks come from.
  2. Url Inspection:– This is nothing.
  3. Coverage: – you can find out and fix errors and errors on your website.
  4. Site Map – Google will get everything on your site. I have taught this before so I did not enlighten.
  5. Speed (experimental) -lets you know about your site’s speed and what you can fix.
  6. Mobile Usability– lets you understand whether your website is suitable for mobile users to see
  7. Sitelinks search box – This is similar to the coverage option.
  8. And you can understand the rest of the options. They are nothing like that

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